Cupboard is also a free-standing piece of furniture like a wardrobe but is usually smaller and can be used to store anything.Go for wooden or iron Cupboards to make a good and sustainable choice. Wood often observes the negative energies in your home.As per Vastu Shastra, the best colours for your Cupboard are neutrals, lightwood finishes and whites as they make your bedroom look more spacious, sleek and bright.When a room is full of too many bright hues, it is distracting and no one element gets the limelight. If you have a beautifully painted wall, like in this bedroom, a brown Cupboard works well in a supporting role.If your wardrobes are used roughly and exposed to moisture, plywood is the best option. However, since wardrobes are not normally exposed to moisture or water, MDF would be a good choice for a wardrobe shutter while the body can be of plywood or particle board.Although specialty plywood can have any number of plies above three, most plywood is categorized as 3-ply, 5-ply or multi-ply. 3-ply is one of the most common types of plywood. It is about 2- to 3-millimeters thick and is generally used indoors, since it looks more decorative than thicker plywood boards.